Sunday, February 28, 2016


So today I decided to tell my mom that I was considering residential/inpatient treatment. It's a three month program a couple hours away from where I live. It would be covered by insurance, but means I wouldn't be able to work over the summer.

I mentioned that it would mean that I wouldn't make enough money to pay for tuition or rent next year, and I only mentioned to pay my own way for three months this year, and not at all last year. I owe my parents thousands of dollars. I don't want to owe them more money.

I guess I was expecting my mom to tell me not to worry, as I was going to treatment. That money would sort itself out. That it would be okay.

Instead, she told me she'd get back to me in a week. I know I'm an adult and need to learn to take responsibility. I put myself in this situation. If I want to stay in school, I need to work. If I really wanted to, I could take time off school to do treatment, and then to work and pay back everything I owe. My parents are already doing so much for me. I know I shouldn't feel angry, but I do.


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