Tuesday, February 2, 2016


It's past 10pm on a Tuesday night and my boyfriend is lying on my bed across from me working. It's strange to think that I'm at a point in a relationship where this is normal. For us to spend Tuesday night together, studying and working. We're about to turn on Harry Potter and cuddle and I guess he might spend the night.

I have things to do tomorrow. Breakfast to eat, life to be had. It's strange being this open. Letting someone this much into my life. Allowing myself to be me, while he's around.

It's nice, don't get me wrong. Just puts me at ease. What if he doesn't leave until 9am tomorrow morning? Then I'll have to have breakfast tomorrow morning when he's still here. What will he think of the way I measure my protein powder and oats, and down 5 cups of coffee. Will he watch me stare at myself naked in front of my full length mirror body checking? It's not like he hasn't spent the night before. He has. It's just different I think when it's in the middle of the week and we have our own lives to live.

If this were a Friday night it'd be different. Or if he were both doing the same thing tomorrow. But here we are, each living our lives, but intertwining them. I guess this is what happens in healthy relationships. It still seems odd to me. Maybe odd is the wrong word. It's scary, and new and my borderline is yelling at me. But I like it.


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