Friday, February 5, 2016

Dying from depression

It's always very upsetting when someone struggling from a mental illnesses passes. Even if I didn't know the person, it seems incredibly difficult. It seems terrible how everyone can go on about their day to day lives, worrying about the little things, like making a good impression upon others and getting good grades. People are dying from depression, Should that not take precedent? How can we focus on all the little things happening in the world, when people are suffering from so many fatal illnesses, not only depression, but eating disorders, personality disorders, as well as cancers, heart diseases and infections. There are so many things killing so many young innocent people.

A student at my university committed suicide a week ago. I didn't know the man, but it was quite devastating to hear. I wish I could have known him, maybe I would have been someone who could have understood. Someone on Facebook said that the university should be held responsible for his death, with the stress of midterms and pressure to get good grades. But universities don't cause mental illnesses. The stress of university can definitely make someone's mental health worsen, but by no means can they be held responsible.

Times like this are very difficult for me, especially when I've been having strong suicidal ideations lately. I'm still fighting. I want to beat this, but I'm just so tired. I want to sleep for years. I want to sleep until the thoughts, the voices, the overwhelming anxiety and depression all go away. But it doesn't work like that.

Rest in peace fellow Marauder. You're in my thoughts.


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