Thursday, January 28, 2016


I've started experiencing some new mental health symptoms earlier this week. I know I shouldn't be ashamed of any of this, and yet I am. Because of this, I'm not ready to share it with all of you just yet.

I feel guilty for not sharing what is happening to me right now. I started this blog to open up peoples eyes about mental illness, end the stigma and share my story. And here I am, too ashamed to share mine, and hence doing nothing to end the stigma.

I hope once some of what is happening gets sorted out I'll feel more comfortable sharing with all of you.

The plan for today is lots of rest, a doctors appointment, groceries, and some light course work.

I emailed my professors and they were all very understanding and I'm grateful I have found the strength to talk to them. This is the first time I've admitted to a professor that my mental health was coming in the way of my studies and I received overwhelmingly helpful and positive replies.

My goal is to catch up with course work over the next few days, and perhaps go to a professors office hour tomorrow.

I hope you're all doing well.



  1. It's hard to be open.. Don't beat yourself up about that. Critism is hard to take, especially for a borderline (I don't know if you have bpd but maybe by the title of your blog?), and that's the thing about blogger, there's always someone to criticise, trolls and such, but the real people are out there in bigger numbers and can be very supportive. I do apologise for stalking your blog though 😅 Lol.

    1. I actually love people stalking my blog ahah <3 It's really brightened my morning to see all your lovely comments :)
      (and yes I do have bpd, which is what inspired the name for the blog)