Saturday, January 2, 2016

New years day

I'm definitely one of those people who put a lot of meaning into how the first day of the year goes. I also put meaning into how the first day of the month of week go, as well as how the first hour of my day goes.

My new years day was a bit strange. I woke up feeling great at my friends place, had a safe breakfast and enjoyed a mini pancake as a treat. I then went rock climbing for two hours and had a wonderful time challenging myself there. Then I came home, looked at a couple math articles, watched Netflix, binged and purged and slept.

To me that sounds like a wonderful day off. Yes I binged and purged. I had my dad's place to myself, so I had free food and it was an easy purge. I know I should feel bad, and not want to start off my year like that, but to be honest it felt good.

I don't really know what to make of that. I just enjoy this destructive behavior all too much to quit. I hate how it ruins my life, but while on vacation I don't have to face the consequences. Maybe I'll have a bit more motivation to get better once classes start.


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