Friday, January 29, 2016


I used to have all these strange rules regarding cereal. Cereal had to be considered 'healthy' for me to eat it. And even then, I've had troubles with starches.

Yesterday, I found out my iron levels were low. This hasn't happened ever, so I got  a bit of a shock. I do need to start working harder on getting my nutrition in check.

One of the easiest sources of iron, especially for vegetarians is cereal, as it's fortified with Iron, so I went to buy some today.

When I was young, cereal had to be healthy, and 'sugar cereal' was only used as a treat camping, or sometimes mixed with 'healthy' cereal. Well f**k that. Yesterday I bought Kellogs crave cereal, because it looked delicious and was on sale.

So here I am, challenging myself to a new iron-rich breakfast!

Happy Friday!



  1. Good for you :) hope you can get them up, have you considered supplements to help?

    1. Ya my doctor started me on Iron supplements which should help as well, but the absorption is better from food so I'm trying to get them back up to a point where I won't need them! (Also they're expensive!!)