Saturday, January 30, 2016

Blood levels

I always knew that one day my eating disorder would start wrecking my body. It's been doing so for a while. The dehydration, brittle nails, joint pain and thinning hair can't be ignored. But on Thursday I found out that my iron levels were low. Not only was it low, it was very low.

I've never had problems with iron. Even as a vegetarian, I've always made sure to eat lots of greens and make sure I always ate enough iron. I went to give blood a couple months ago and the nurses were shocked at how good my iron levels were, especially after I told them I was vegetarian.

I guess at one point, no matter how hard you try, if you aren't eating enough, you won't absorb enough minerals. It's inevitable. But somehow I lasted so long without my blood levels dropping. I guess I actually am human.

I have to work on this, and bring my iron levels back up. My doctor said it will help with my constant fatigue as well, which would be lovely, as wanting to sleep all the time makes it very hard to study.



  1. I was severely anemic once and had to have iron injections. Vitamin C helps absorb iron so try drinking orange juice with iron added to it. Also calcium blocks the absorption of iron so cereal with milk may not be the best way to get iron. Hope that helps. Take care.

    1. Thanks so much for the help! I was unaware that calcium could block the absorption of iron... I'm so scared of developing osteopenia though so I really don't want to cut back on my calcium intake :/

    2. Try taking iron supplements with orange juice or drinking iron fortified orange juice at night before bed and have your milk and other dairy products in the morning or vice versa. Just try to make sure there's an hour or two before and after you have iron to allow it to absorb before you have calcium

  2. Hey Niqi,

    Just wanted to stop by your blog
    As you left a comment on mine
    I hope you will feel more included in the community
    When I first started blogging
    I read so many blogs
    And left so many comments
    Over time
    You will build up relationships
    And hopefully that will help with your mental health issues

    Hope to see you around x