Sunday, December 13, 2015

It doesn't just get better

It doesn't just get better.

Yes, maybe your life does get better. But a better life does not make a better mental health. Depression doesn't just go away because the high school bully isn't around. Your anxiety doesn't cure itself because you don't have to write an other essay. You're still going to struggle. Bad people exist outside of high school. University is tough, and profs are demanding. Money will be tight. Bosses will fire you, profs will fail you, and people will push you down. Just because you've cut mean people out of your life, doesn't mean all their voices will disappear. You're eating disorder will still exist. Your problems will follow you wherever you go. So stop running away, and trying so hard to find that better life. Stop and face your problems. Take a deep breath and dive in. Really figure out who you are - not who you want to be, but who you are. You might have with these problems for the rest of your life, so learn how to really deal with them, not just how to  run away. Learn how to stay safe and tell your boss you can't work when depression locks you to your bed. Learn how to turn down food that you know will trigger a binge/purge session, and get yourself something safe. Learn how to get out of situations that make you so anxious that you want to jump off a cliff. Life gets better. But your mental health doesn't magically get better. We don't all recover. But we can all live. We can all live a life even if we are sick. We can still enjoy sunrises and sunsets and long watch on the beach. We can still be, even when we aren't always okay. But you've got to stop running, and figure out how the hell you're gonna cope.


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