Tuesday, December 22, 2015

I'm home (?)

So I guess I've returned home for the holidays. I don't know what home is anymore though. To be honest I consider my student house more of a home then either my mom's or my dad's house now. I guess that comes with growing up.

I had an awful time getting here, with my bus over selling tickets and traffic, but I made it safely and alive. I got my mom to bring me a snack (of a banana) when she picked me up because I knew arriving at home on an empty stomach was a bad idea.

I got through my first dinner. I had stirfry that my mom made that had oil(!!!!) and white(!!!!) rice, and a source desert yogurt and cookie for desert. I'm about to have a bowl of oatmeal and hot chocolate and then head off to bed.

So far so good. I know at one point real talks will happen about treatment and finances and I'm really really scared.. but so far so good.

Exams are over now so I'll be posting more now, and have lots of posts lined up, including my new plan to reduce bingeing and purging, some granola bars that were life savers, and more of my ranting and poetry!

Merry Christmas Eve Eve Eve.
Lots of love


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