Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Home: meals 2 and 3

Good afternoon beauties,

This morning went incredibly well, I'm actually quite surprised. My stepdad went to cook breakfast, and I eventually went into the kitchen with the intention of eating some oatmeal and fruit, because I didn't want any omelette, and egg yolks are a bit of a fear food for me. I walked into the kitchen and my stepdad looked up at me and asked if two egg whites were okay. I was honestly so shocked that he thought of that for me. I ended up allowing him to make me an egg white omelette with some cooked onion. He even cooked it with a bit of butter, and I had a mini bun with it. It ended up being less then my normal breakfasts, but contained more fear foods.

We went out this morning, I got my blood work done and went to the library where I colored for an hour. I was pretty hungry when I got home, and had a banana, oatmeal and hot chocolate for lunch, before my mom and siblings sat down to eat, and now I'm hiding away in my room for a bit.

I hope you're all doing okay,


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