Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Dinner

Traditional Christmas dinners are big, full of family members and often full of fear foods.

Common foods are:
Cooked vegetables
Desert (often pie)
Christmas cookies

I do encourage you to challenge yourselves this holiday, if you think you can do so. However, do so safely and do your best to get through your meal and keep it down. Based in the list of common foods, the way I would set up my plate is as follows:

- About half filled with salad.
- An eighth filled with potato
- A quarter filled with cooked veg
- A eighth filled with Turkey (for those non-vegetarians)

This way your plate looks full, and yet is half salad. You get a little taste of (what I consider to be safer foods, feel free to adjust) the traditional meal, without feeling overwhelmed.

There is often so much going on at Christmas that it can be simple to defer attention elsewhere. For instance, if someone offers you food you aren't safe with; a simple "I don't have room on my plate for that right now, I'll come back for seconds" and then saying "I'm stuffed" when it comes to having seconds can help.
Sitting at the kids table can often help as they are much less judgmental when it comes to food. If you're okay with alcohol, having a glass of wine with dinner may help calm those nerves.

When it comes to desert, this is definitely the tricky part. I personally find that I'm safest with pies, as they are loaded with fruit. Asking for a small slice, and if anyone asks, say you ate so much main course that your full. I often find myself getting through dinner all right, and then over eating and purging desert. I'm going to do my best not to do that this year.

When it comes to pushy relatives who tell you that you NEED to try something because they baked it, often saying "I'll try it later" or "In a bit, I just want to let my stomach settle" is a good way to get relatives off your back. In many cases I find that they get distracted with presents, family drama, or politics and don't bother you about it again.

Good luck darlings, I wish you all the Merriest of Christmases.


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