Thursday, December 10, 2015

Being dependent

They teach you in therapy
To not depend on any one person
For happiness and stability.

They teach you in therapy
That you don't need any one person
In order to live a healthy life.

They teach you in therapy
To not but all your eggs
Into one basket.

What they forget to teach you
Is that you can't put all your faith
Into your therapist either.

It's a strange relationship,
Between a client and a therapist
Because the ultimate goal
Is for the relationship to end.

I've been seeing my therapist
For just over two years
Ever other week.

She recently got into an accident,
She's okay but on leave
And I haven't seen her
In over a month.

It's strange realizing how much
You depended on the person
Who taught you how to
Not depend too much on others.

It's strange using the skills
You've been working on for years
To cope with the lack
Of the one who taught them to you.

It's difficult to not let yourself
Use this as an excuse
To relapse.

The worst time to relapse
Would be when your therapist
Isn't around
But it would be so easy.

It shows how much you've grown
To hold on to the progress you've made
And keep on fighting
Without that external push.

I've got to remember
That at the end of the day
It comes to me,
Not my therapist.

And I can do this.
I will do this.
I have to do this.


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