Monday, December 28, 2015

A new year

A new me?

Well, we all know that's a lie.

But I am working on positive changes. I've made a meal plan for the new year. I'm doing my best to follow it now, but it's tough with the holidays and travelling.

I want to focus more on self care next term. I've already done a very important first step of only talking three instead of five courses next term. But I can't spend my free time wallowing in my depression. I need to start taking self care fucking seriously.

To me this means;
- Going to the gym, not only to work out but to stretch
- Eating healthy and foods that make me feel good
- Taking care of my skin and hair. No more going a week without a shower.

I'm also hoping to get a job shortly, in order to pay back my debts. I admitted all my debts to my parents, and they're helping me pull myself out of the hole that I dug, but it is my responsibility, and duty, to pay them back as soon as I can.

I'm trying to think of some concrete goals to set up, regarding self care and borderline, depression and anxiety recovery. If anyone has any ideas, please comment!! I'm struggling a bit with this.


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