Wednesday, November 4, 2015

How to save a life

Over the past
Year or so,
My set point weight
Has gone up
Almost 10 pounds.

I know that it's muscle
And I know I'm not fat
But my disordered voice
Has been yelling.

I'm still hovering
In the grey land
Relapse and

I still want
To lose this weight
Get down to my goal
No matter how much
Muscle I lose.

But I also know
I'm a better gymnast
Than I was last year
And I have my body
To thank for that.

I realized that now
I meet the height
And weight requirements
Necessary to give blood.

So I spent some time
Sitting in a chair
With a needle in my arm
Donating blood
To save a life.

It was quite tough
On my body as I
Am quite small to
Begin with
But I filled my bag
With blood which
Happens to be
The universal donor.

So maybe I've gained,
And yes it makes me upset
But next time an unknown patient
Needs a unit of blood
I'll have helped
Saved their life.


1 comment:

  1. I'm proud of you!! Donating blood is a very, very huge deal and a beautiful self-less act. My mom is alive because of blood donors, so it hits home for me. *hugs*