Sunday, October 18, 2015

Twitter drama

I know most of you have come to this blog because I tweet the link about a hundred times a day.

For those of you who have found me through the twitter world, are most likely aware of the drama going on regarding the skinny4xmas competition.

Personally I am 100% opposed to this. However, this does not mean that I personally attack, or hate anyone who is partaking. In fact, one of my best friends is participating, and I would love for her to get well and recover, but she's not there right now and all I can do is be there for her.

This competition involves serious calorie restricting as well as over exercising. There are lots of similar 'diet' plans out there. I don't think plans like this should be promoted at all, and I don't think anyone should follow them, but I also know that we live in a fucked up world, and eating disorders are real, thus causing people to engage in dangerous activity.

Here is my real problem with this competition.

1. It's a competition. Honestly? What the fuck. Eating disorders are not competitions. They are not games. This isn't a weight loss challenge - this is promoting eating disorders, normalizing the behavior and making compete against one another in order to be the sickest. Which is absolutely disgusting.

2. They tie Christmas into it. Christmas is really hard for me. I go visit my parents, there's lots of food, I have several break downs over the food, and my parents witness how sick I truly am. Christmas used to be a time where I would bake batch after batch of cookies, and make a lovely quiche for all the other vegetarians. We'd sing carols, and open presents and try to steal each other's chocolate oranges. I don't want to be sick at Christmas. I wish I could be magically recovered for Christmas. I want to be able to eat what I want without caring. I want to be able to go home and not see my mom cry because I've lost weight, or be so uncomfortable with myself because I gained from binging.

Anyhow, that was more than 140 characters, so I couldn't tweet my opinion, and I wanted to get that off my chest. I am now going to do my best to stay away from all that drama, because it brings up a lot of anger in me and I don't need that in my life.


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