Monday, October 5, 2015

Binge cravings

Why is it so hard.

All I want to do is binge and purge.

I can imagine placing the food in my mouth.

A sweet cupcake with creamy icing.
Buttery noodles with melted cheese.
Peanut butter-nutella-banana sandwiches.
Donuts filled with custard.
Garlic bread.
Milk shakes.
Ice cream.
Grilled cheese.

I want this so badly.

But I can't. I must break this cycle. It's been four days in a row, and I had three sessions yesterday.

I'm also ridiculously broke because of all this binging and purging. Food isn't cheap. Even when you buy it on clearance. It adds up when you go through it at the rate I do.


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