Tuesday, September 29, 2015

tragically purple

I want to tear every part of myself open
Bleed and bleed until I'm purple
It's always been my favorite color.
The color of royalty,
And perfection.

I can picture my future
A purple room on a golden throne
With only the good remaining
A perfect body covered in glitter
Eyes the color of knowledge.

That's how I picture myself one day
Living on top of the world
But this picture's so lonely
And I'm very sad
So why do I even bother

Because I've been told
A skeleton turns purple
The second that it's cold
And it isn't hard to bleed until
Your heart is no longer beating
So I could end up
Tragically purple
And I wouldn't be alone

I guess I would never
See all the glitter
But not all that glitters is gold


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