Thursday, September 3, 2015


Sorry I haven't been posting lately, I've been much more tired and busy being a welcome week rep than I expected to be.
I've also been struggling quite a bit this week food wise, and depression wise. My suicidal ideations have returned, my urges to self harm have been high, and I've been incredibly anxious.
I had to leave my team yesterday because of a panic attack, and I feel pretty guilty for that.
I am really excited for school to get started though. Between getting to do math (which I love) all the time, and having a nice consistent schedule, and planning events for the math and stats society I have so much to look forward too.
I will be posting more soon, and back to almost daily next week.
Sorry for the lack of activity, I love you all  
I'm going to push through this hard week, and I know that all of you who are struggling right now will get through it as well.
Happy September!

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