Monday, August 24, 2015

Rest day

I honestly have no idea what this means.

I'm supposed to be resting mentally this week. I already have a huge to-do list of things to do. I decided to sit down and enjoy my coffee, so I'm sitting in Starbucks sipping my vanilla latte.

I'm going to go home and make my bed, then watch the chamber of secrets while coloring in the new coloring book my mother got me.

I'm tutoring at 1pm, so I'll be heading out right after my movie ends. Tutoring is actually quite relaxing for me as I have him read to me "Le petit prince" which is one of my favorite books.

Following tutoring I think I'll go for a nice stretch, and then head out to Burlington, where I'm going to a group for the first time. I might just go for a lovely walk and listen to a book on tape (either looking for Alaska or the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy) around the pretty city, eat dinner in a park, and then head to group. After group in going to catch the last gymnastics practice and be home at 10:30.

How is it that my rest day seems so incredibly busy?

Well, I'm working on it at least. I'm learning how to relax.


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