Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Ignorance is bliss

I used to be a girl
I don't know what happened
But I'm more than that now

I'm half an adult, and half a girl
And half possessed by a demon
I'm often just a walking shell

I used to skip through life
With a smile and sparkly eyes
Eating icecream and skipping rope

I used to wake up at 7am
And watch morning cartoons
With my bowl of chocolate cereal

I used to dance around my house
Pretending to be a ballerina
I'd fall and burst out in laughter

I used to wear my cutest bathing suit 
And run under the sprinklers
Singing songs at the top of my lungs

But now when I skip I'm burning off
The icecream I ate earlier that day
And I'm smiling but my eyes are empty

But now my alarm jerks me awake 
And I reach for black coffee and a pile of pills
And wash off yesterday's mistakes

But now I leap around my house
Wishing I had a ballerina's grace
And collapsing to the floor in tears

But now I wear a dress
To cover the scars 
My bathing suit reveals

They say growing up is great
And that knowledge is power
But damn was ignorance bliss


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