Sunday, August 23, 2015

Giving back

My eating disorder started in grade 9. The summer after my grade 12 year, I still hadn't admitted to having a problem. I guess I knew I had a problem, but I didn't know I needed help. I was convinced I could go on telling no one about my bulimia and pretending that everything was okay. I thought that I could become a new person when I entered university. I wouldn't be bulimic anymore.
Of course, this didn't happen. I managed to stay clean all of September, but as midterms approached, I ended up binging and purging. It was on of my first year reps during Welcome Week who had told me about the peer support that was available on campus.

This wonderful upper year student made a MASSIVE difference in my university life. I was able to confide in her and have her support in finding help. I want to be able to make that type of difference in another students life.

This year I am a science representative (we're called SCIclones and we take the campus by storm). I'm nervous about making it through the week, because it is nine days of constant socializing and being enthusiastic. However, I really want to help out other students that may be in similar situations. I really want to help first years be more aware of the services available and to end the stigma of mental illnesses. It's is possible to have a successful university journey even while struggling with a mental illness. I really hope to find a few students that I can really help throughout the year.


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