Monday, August 3, 2015

Food diary - Aug 2nd - lunch and dinner

Hello lovelies,

I meant to keep on blogging my food yesterday, but a friend of mine ended up coming over to get away from her family for a little bit. This friend of mine is in recovery from her eating disorder at the moment and is a HUGE inspiration for me.

Here is the rest of the food I had yesterday:
For lunch, I had a big latte that didn't fit into one mug, and a salad with sunflower seeds.
I didn't follow my meal plan for dinner, and went to timmies with my friend. Having her there made it possible for me to try the new Reese doughnut without purging. I also had a pretzel bagel toasted with butter (!!), which is unfortunately unpictured. 

My binge/purge free day was successful. I feel really good this morning, not super dehydrated and ready to attack today. 

Have a great Monday everyone! If today isn't a holiday for you, I hope your first day work day of the week goes well. For all you Canadians, have a fantastic day off!


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