Sunday, July 26, 2015

Up an at em

I've been in a bit
Of a slump lately
Not one of those slumps
Where you're slightly less
But one of those
Slumps where
You stay in bed for
Several days
And binge on thousands
And thousands of

I've had enough.

I'm going to turn
Things around
I got up early this
Morning and drank a
Latte and colored.
Now I'm cleaning my room
And doing my laundry.
Off to the gym in a bit
For a good long swim
And then time to study
At Starbucks.

I'm so bloated
It's ridiculous
I'm liquid fasting
For the next little bit
Because solid food
Just doesn't feel safe.
I still will be drinking
Lots of smoothies
To make sure I have
Enough energy to get
Through the day.
I know now that
Starving myself will make
My slump last longer
Then it otherwise would.

Time to get up and at em.


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