Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The crash

You can't understand,
Unless you've been there yourself
If you've taken the journey
From heaven to hell

It's not just a mood swing
It's a mood roller coaster
The ones that lift you up
And drop you right back down.

All of a sudden doubt creeps into your mind
And within a few seconds you're back in your bed
Feeling vulnerable and shattered
And stripped of all energy

The transition is the worst
For a while you had hope
But now fallen down
Into a dark pit of despair.

It takes a bit of time
Maybe a couple of hours
Maybe a couple of minutes
But you can see the hope disappear

Imagine falling down
But looking up as you fall
Trying so desperately to grab
The ledge you fell off

You see it disappear
Get farther and farther away
But there's nothing you can do
To retrieve it again

While you're busy staring at the ledge
The ground is quick approaching
And hits you oh so hard
Because you didn't see it coming

That's what the crash is like
Only a hundred times worse
Because you don't just break a bone or two
You break your entire life


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