Monday, July 27, 2015

I am not my BPD

It's easy to let
Your mental illness define you
It's with you for so long
And disguises as a friend

People like to throw it around
Saying "you're depressed,
Anxious or bulimic"
As if it defines you

But you are so much more
Than the label you got
Sitting in a brown leather chair
In your doctor's office

I have let myself
Be defined as borderline,
Bulimic, anxious and depressed
For over a year

But I'm tired of those labels
I want to be more than that
I want to be known for something
Other than being sick

I'm a student
And a gymnast
A dancer and
A writer

I'm a nerd and a geek
Persistent and funny
And yes okay,
I'm a little bit crazy

It's okay to be sick
And yes it's a part of me
But I just can't
Let it be all of me.

So yes I am
Bulimic and borderline
But don't forget that
I'm a student and a fighter.



  1. Sometimes we are nothing, sometimes we are just those labels, but all the time without realizing it we are so much more. We're students, teachers, lawyers and we are beautiful, mean, nice, shy and extroverted, we are everywhere and everywhen. And it's okay to be us, without feeling trapped by our label cage, that's just another barrier we need to learn how to fight.

    1. Exactly, I find it so easy to forget that I am anything but my diagnosis, and ignore everything else that I am. But that's definitely one of the most important things to fight. I hope you're well! xoxo