Sunday, July 26, 2015


Budgeting is tough when you suffer from bulimia. Honestly, binge food is expensive. And even though I shoplift a fair amount (something I would like to cease doing though), I still have quite a large grocery bill when you add in all the money I spend on food that goes right down the toilet.

I tried to make a budget today. Now, although a budget is very tough for me to stick to, because of my impulsive nature - thanks a lot borderline - I'm really motivated to stick to this one. Why? Because this budget means independence. This budget means that at the end of the summer I'll have enough saved up to pay for my next three months of living. My parents are helping me with tuition, so I won't need to worry too much about that, but I won't be dependent on a monthly allowance like I was last year. Nothing would make me prouder than to be able to say that I covered all my living expensive for the year.

I want to take this next step. I want to be able to be successful in this way. Not only would I feel more accomplished, it will give me the motivation I think I need to reduce, and one day completely stop, my binging and purging.

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone,


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