Sunday, July 26, 2015

Being honest

I got a text today
From my wonderful boyfriend.
He asked if I wanted
To get dinner with
His mother and step dad.
Now we've only been dating
For a couple of weeks
But we've known each other
For quite some time.
I really do want to meet
His parents
But my anxiety and bulimia
Were screaming so loudly.
I told him that maybe
I could go
If I knew where
We would be eating.
But the more I thought
Of it, the more I thought
I would lose control
And binge until then
I was shaking in Starbucks
And on the verge of tears
But I was scared of seeming
Really pathetic.
I finally took a deep breath,
And took my phone
And told him that I would
Be happy to meet his parents
But I just couldn't do dinner.
Luckily for me
I found a hell of a guy
And he completely
He reassured me
That I wasn't of a burden
And we was really enjoying
Being with me
I guess the moral
Of this story is
Be honest with those
Who care about you
Because if they truly do care,
They will be willing
To do what you need.


1 comment:

  1. I wish I had a boyfriend like that.
    When I was in a relationship and in the darkest days of my ED my boyfriend would always push me to eat and didn't even try to hide his disappointment every time I wouldn't finish everything that was on my plate.
    You're so lucky to have someone like him! I wish you both the best.