Sunday, May 10, 2015

Protein bars

Good afternoon loves. I hope you're all having a wonderful and relaxing Sunday.

I made some protein bars Friday night, and they turned out so well :) I'm super excited. I've been spending quite a lot of money on power bars, luna bars, quest bars, and cliff bars lately, and my bank account is suffering as a response. But  a protein bar is a good safe food for me - If I'm struggling to find a meal or want to binge and purge instead of having a snack, a protein bar tends to fill the craving I had for sweet food, and the protein makes me feel satisfied, and I don't feel too guilty as I know I needed the nutrients. I adapted a recipe I found online, so here is what I came up with. I have a few idea for some different flavors in the future, so stay posted!

Chocolate-date-coconut protein bars
- 1c oats blended into a flour
- 1c coconut
- 1c dates, soaked and pitted for 30min, then blended into a paste
- 1/2c protein powder
- 1/4c cocoa powder
- 1/4c chocolate coconut milk
Blend the dried ingredients, mix in the dates and then the oats. Mold into 15 bars. Refrigerate.
Super easy, super fast, super good.

The nutrition info on the right is for the protein powder I used, and using hot chocolate powder instead of cocoa powder as I was out. Enjoy!


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