Friday, May 29, 2015

Planned binging

This week has been hell, and I haven't binged or purged since Monday.

Part of me wants to keep that up, see how long I can go without. I've been restricting lately (minus Wednesday) and I've been feeling pretty good.

 But damn it, I need the release.

My dad is taking me out for coffee this morning, then I'll be busing to the dollar store as soon as he leaves.
Chocolate bars, granola bars, peanut butter, cookies, ramen and a liter of diet pop.
Then to the grocery store for some pizza, bagels, nutella, pie and ice cream.

And then back home as fast as I can.

Down to my bedroom to turn Netflix on and chew and spit and chew and swallow and purge and chew and spit and purge and binge and binge and purge and purge.

I need the release. The high.

Then I'm chugging caffeine, and having a fantastic weekend getting drunk with my favorite girls.


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