Sunday, May 17, 2015

Happy days

Firstly, I'd like to sat that I didn't flow my detox plan. Not even close. I do ideally wish I could do this, but this week out of all weeks was the worst, and its not necessarily something I would be able to stick to during a good week when considering my binging and purging tendencies.

That being said, I have had a couple if very good days. I went down to Toronto for a party, which to be honest, I didn't totally enjoy. I thought more people that I knew would be there, so I ended up quite anxious. However I had an okay social night with my friends. Saturday morning, I had coffee and an orange for breakfast outside on my friends patio and we chatted. It was nice to catch up. We talk daily, but it feels different now that she no longer lives with me.
I then dropped by my aunt's and uncle's place on my way home. My aunt made spectacular watermelon mojitos, which I had two large glasses of. I overestimated the calories in my drinks of course but I happily enjoyed them while catching up on family news.
I did have a binging and purging session last night, but it was honestly out of habit. I was having a good night. Cravings kicked in and I had ice cream in the freezer. I then ordered pizza...
I allowed myself to sleep in this morning instead of going to the gym. I went for a long walk to little strip mall, and picked up some jello and coffee at the grocery store, and then some random "necessities" at the dollar store. I'm now off to browse the book store before gymnastics, and then another party! I'm not going to drink tonight, and will probably head home around midnight, but I'll enjoy seeing my friends before getting in another good sleep.

I recently finished a slam poem but I'm not sure what I think about it yet. It starts off well but the ending is still weak. I'm hoping I'll be able to get it posted sometime in the coming week so stay posted!
I hope the weather is treating you all well.


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