Saturday, April 18, 2015

Self care studying

Hello lovelies,

I've been meaning to post more, but exams are making me busy! I get so drained from being anxious while studying, that when I'm not studying my depression takes over and all I do is nap and Netflix. Yesterday and today have been getting better, but I still have to work very hard to convince myself to stay positive. All I want to do is starve, binge, purge repeat but it's taking a toll on my body and if I keep up at the rate I've been going at I will end up in the hospital.. Yesterday was a success though and so is today so far. I just had my lunch of a vanilla yogurt protein bar (they were out of peanut butter and cookie dough!), and now I am drinking some crystal light strawberry lemonade while distracting myself by updating my blog.

I've found a few tricks that have helped my study. Studying in certain locations and atmospheres have made me a lot more motivated. Here are some top places and tips to study to get ready for your finals, while taking care of yourself.
1. If you like to study in your room, go for it. But if you're in a basement like I am, get yourself a sun light to help boost your mood.
2. Light some candles to help create a relaxed atmosphere.
3. Study in a bubble bath! If you have readings to do this is perfect. Keep stickies and a pen nearby to jot down notes.
4. Study at a coffee shop. If you're a Starbucks gold member, I highly recommend going, getting a tea or iced coffee, and sit there all day abusing the free refills! I was there this morning and enjoyed two lovely iced caramel coffees.
5. Keep some safe snacks around. Popcorn, sugar free candies, tea, dried fruit, fresh fruit etc.. whatever you can munch on when you get hungry without panicking.
6. Study outside if it's nice out, the sun will help improve your mood.
7. Take FUN study breaks. If you start watching Netflix you won't stop. Write in your journal, do 100 crunches, have a dance party, paint your nails.
8. Re-write your notes (and condense them) if you have a class where a lot of memorization is involved. If you do this with pretty colored pens it makes it seem a lot more exciting. I do a color per section, so I get to see how much I've done by how many colors I've used.
9. Remember to make yourself feel good. If you feel best in sweats and a hoodie, go for it. Personally, I wake up, shower, get dressed, and put makeup on even if I'm planning on just studying at home. it just gets me mentally ready to be productive.

I've got to get back to my cue cards! If anyone has any study tips to help me ace my upcoming exams, please please please leave a comment and let me know!


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