Thursday, April 30, 2015


I'm tired of hearing people
Tell me I just need to eat
In moderation
Or that I'm skinny enough

Moderation has never been
What you would call a forte of mine
I'm either sleeping 18 hours
Or planing world domination

I try to recover
I try to get better
I go to appointments
And write in my journal

Sometimes things go right
I get through the day
And put up a good fight
But at the end of the day
My head's in the toilet and my heart's on the floor
But all my brain is doing, is asking for more

I keep on going and the number
and drops
Until it's lower than what I was before

My nose is bleeding,
My throat is burning
My legs are in pain
But non of that will stop me
And if that won't stop me
What will?


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