Monday, April 6, 2015


I have a hard time grocery shopping, but this week, I only had to pick up food for 3 days, and was already stocked up on dairy, eggs and non perishables.

Here was my shopping basket:

Of course, I usually buy a lot more, but I really was just low on veggies and fruit, and I didn't want to stock up when I'm heading to my mom's in a few days.

Here's what I bought:
Lettuce: I buy it from the reduced fruit and veggie section. It's not as nice as the other stuff, but tastes just as good, isn't bad, and like 50% off.
Vitamin water: This was really just because I was impulsive and it was on sale, and I'm having a hard time with restricting right now, so I need the extra vitamins.
Powerade drops: I ran out. I have 700mL of water with some drops in it every day to make sure I have enough electrolytes.
Frozen raspberries: For my wonderful protein smoothies :)
Avocado and Keylime salsa: This stuff is amazing. Honestly go buy some. It's like guac, but spicy and has 10cals/tbsp


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