Monday, March 2, 2015

My hair

My hair has started to fall out again. And by started to fall out again, I am consistently pulling out clumps of hair every time I shower. I stopped taking my vitamins for a bit because I take so many other medication that I just got sick of having to swallow so many pills. Clearly I can't do that.

Hair care plan for the next little bit:
- No dying my hair until April 28th when I write my last final. No matter how bad my roots get. No matter how much I think my personality would be better expressed with colorful hair.
- Shampoo every day, but alternate between a heavy and light shampooing - I workout too much to not shampoo my hair every day.
- Condition my hair TWICE a day.
- Keep hair down as much as possible
- Blow dry and straighten my hair on lower settings
- Apply split end treatment to my hair every night
- Invest in a hair mask and use it every weekend.
- Go back to taking all my vitamins as I should be.
- Do my best to eat lots of fruits and veggies and reduce b/p (because it is on those days where I don't get any good nutrients)

Hopefully this works out for me <3


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