Monday, February 2, 2015

I have normal bowel movements!

I know you guys have already heard lots about my poops. But I am very exciting so I am going to share some more.
Firstly, I successfully went all of January without taking a single laxative! Laxatives are how me ED started so I am super super super happy and proud of myself. I still purge and restrict and over exercise, but I'm taking steps in the right direction. And, my body is rewarding me!
I had a couple cups of coffee yesterday. And guess what? It worked as a natural laxative! It made me poo :) Coffee has never done this for me before because I've always been too dependent on laxative pills.
This post is going to be short, as I'm having a rough time right now. But I'm doing my best to celebrate my small successes.
I know that if you guys want to kick your laxative addiction you can! I understand why you love them. It gets that food weight out faster. But they work on your colon. Most of the calories have already been absorbed by your small intestine. I hate feeling full after I binge. But laxatives aren't going to be my answer anymore.


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