Thursday, January 1, 2015


So I have a wonderful friend I met through twitter: @thinner4me (check out her blog: or her youtube channel:
We decided that we need to take control and take care of ourselves this year. One of the ways we want to do that is stop abusing laxatives. Chronic laxative abusive can lead to dependency, pancreatic damage, liver damage, IBS, dehydration, electrolyte imbalance (which can cause your heart to stop) and can even increase the risk of colon cancer.
Although there are many days I still wish to die, this isn't the way I want to go. It will be years of my body slowly deteriorating and me having to wear a diaper.

Here are the rules - you are welcome to join. Leave me comments letting me know how you're doing, or tweet using the hashtag :)
1. No use of laxatives
2. Natural foods that can cause a laxative effect are okay (fruits and veggies, pickle juice etc is fine, but not sorbitol in gummies)
3. Sorbitol in gum is fine as long as it is less then a pack of gum a day
IMPORTANT: If you don't have a bm, go talk to your doctor. Consider taking fibre supplements, but this is only allowed AFTER talking to a medical professional. The goal is to get our colons back to functioning normally without pills.

Good luck and Happy New Years once again,


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