Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Harm reduction

Obviously, the best way to not hurt yourself while suffering with an eating disorder is to choose recovery. However, not all of us are ready to commit to such a long and hard process. Even if you are in recovery, you will slip up every so often.
Just because I am not ready to recover does not mean that I should continue killing myself. Of course binging, purging and restricting will damage your body over time, but there are ways of making these physical symptoms less severe.

Restricting harm reduction:
- make sure to take vitamins daily with food
- talk to a doctor or nutritionist to see which supplements you should be taking
- allow yourself to eat when working out - aiming for negative nets is especially bad
- feeling faint, light headed, and bad headaches is your body telling you it needs food. Eat something, even if it is small. Fruit is good in these situations.
- avoid taking appetite suppressants
- drink lots of water and electrolyte beverages
- make sure you are consuming enough calories relative to your caffeine consumption
- avoid energy drinks

b/p harm reduction:
- don't overexercise if injured
- avoid the chronic use of laxatives, take the minimum you feel comfortable taking
- avoid caffeine on bad b/p days
- avoid flushing
- chew on something basic after purging
- replenish your electrolytes after all types of purging
- stop purging if you see blood - especially if it is very dark in color
- get your heart checked regularly
- go to the ER if you're experiencing any type of chest pain or severe stomach pain
- talk to your doctor if you can't control your purging
- avoid food that comes up in clumps - the choking risk is high

Stay safe,


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