Saturday, December 20, 2014

Questions questions questions

... I know I'm going to have to answer all of these the second I see my parents:

  • How is school?
  • How is treatment?
  • How is recovery? 
  • How much are you purging? 
  • How much are you restricting? 
  • Why do you care so much about your weight? 
  • Why do you care so much about your grades?
  • What are your grades like?
  • How did exams go?
  • How was the semester?
  • Did you get to know any of your profs?
  • Why did you spend so much money? 
  • Why is there an ambulance charge on your credit card? 
  • Can't you see how much your hurting us? 
  • Does your eyeliner have some sort of deep meaning? 
  • Why don't you want to talk to us? 
  • Why don't you want to play with your siblings?
  • Why don't you want to go see your highschool friends? 
  • Did you lose weight? 
  • Did you gain weight? 
  • Do you know how much we love you?
  • Are you still trying to lose weight? 
  • Are you going to get a scholorship? 
  • How much are your books going to cost next year?
  • What are your new years resolutions? 
  • Do you still like your therapist?
  • Why aren't you ding treatment at the hospital?
  • Why don't you want to stay longer? 
  • What meds are you on now?
  • Why do you need blood work done so often? 
  • Is it safe for you to have meds in your room? 
  • Why are you taking so many vitamins? 
  • Is that enough food for breakfast/lunch/dinner?
  • Isn't that a lot of food?
  • Are you going to purge that? 
  • Where did all our alcohol go? 

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