Monday, December 29, 2014

My (attempt) at a meal plan

I'm stuck in monster binge mode. But here is my attempt at having a meal plan and getting back under control:

- latte (made with 1c coconut milk) (80cal)
- 1cup water with meds and vitamins

- tea <3 (0-10cal)

- Lightly sweetened instant oatmeal (110cal)
- pepsi max
- apple (80cal)

Snack (if needed):
- Veggies with salsa (up to 50cal)

- 3cups of veggies sauteed with a quarter cup of salsa (100cals)
- Either lentils, beans, veggie hotdogs/burgers (100cals worth)
OR: meal replacement shake on Mondays when I have no time to cook dinner before gymnastics (225)
- Coffee or tea

Evening snack (if needed):
- 1cup frozen berries (80cal)
- Tea (0-10cal)

Total cals: ~600

Other snacks if I feel as though I need it:
- air popped popcorn
- candy canes
- soup
- natural peanut butter (1tbsp)

I hope this gives you guys some ideas of ways to make a meal plan. Make sure that more calories is better then restricting to a point of binging and purging


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