Monday, September 1, 2014


Happy September.

As I have previously, said, this is going to be my month. It has to be. There is a twitter challenge #NoBingeSept, in which you give up one of your binge/triggering foods and support each other to not binge. I will be tweeting all my meals and be there to support everyone participating. I also posted my starting picslip. Although this is a twitter challenge, I will be discussing my journey through this month here in order to talk about it in more detail.

My goals for this month aren't weight loss. I mean weight loss is a constant goal of mine, but that isn't my reason to not binge. I lose weight while binging and purging, but it ruins my electrolytes. I want to be healthier, save my heart, and stop having dizzy spells.

I will be giving up chocolate for the month. This is going to be insanely hard, but I am hoping that I can then re-introduce chocolate to my diet without binging. Fingers crossed this will work.

I was planning on grocery shopping today, but of course it is labour day and all stores are clothes. This has ruined my meal plan for today, but I am doing my best to stay in control and eat well all day. So far so good.

I wish you all the very best September, and follow my Twitter too see all my meals (and my normal rambling regarding my ED, BPD, depression, anxiety etc)


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