Monday, August 11, 2014

Full Circle

When I was four
I put a bracelet on my wrist
and it sparkled like my personality
as I did cartwheels in my yard.

When I was six
I dressed up like a princess
walked down the aisle and ate some cake
as my mother remarried.

When I was eight
all my friends had blended families
and hugged me when I wore
my late stepmother's necklace.

When I was eleven
my friends had perfect nuclear families
and didn't understand why
I wore the same necklace every day.

When I was thirteen
My dad was happily remarried
And I ran miles and purged some cake
to look like a princess

Now at eighteen
I slip bracelets on my wrist and makeup on my face
so I can still sparkle
when my mind and soul are dark.
- {Niqi}

Sometimes, emotions come out better in verse


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